Plan Your Pathway to Professional Practitioner Studies

Becoming a Practitioner is a step into sacred service to the Seaside community. Practitioners support individuals and the community in prayer and some practitioners offer sessions as a spiritual coach or prayer support person on a one-time or ongoing basis. To prepare for this sacred service as a professional licensed Religious Science Practitioner, a person must take six prerequisite courses before entering  Professional Practitioner Studies. This two-year program is offered in person at Seaside Center. And, for those unable to attend in-person, the same program may be taken online through Centers for Spiritual Living Home Office Education Program with Rev. Christian’s recommendation. 

If you are interested in Practitioner Studies, now or in the future, your first step is program planning. Planning for the courses you want to take to qualify for entry into the program depends on your existing strengths and the areas you want to grow into. At a meeting with the Education Director, you will craft your own program. Your program  includes choosing the courses that will prepare you to enter Professional Practitioner Studies with the desired level of self-awareness and the useful toolkit of skills in meditation, prayer, visioning, and other spiritual practices that will support you well as you take on this deeper dive into “doing your work” and preparing to support others in the community in doing their own work of personal and spiritual growth.

The complete list of courses required prior to entering Practitioner Studies at Seaside Center is below. Some requirements may vary for those taking the Online Practitioner Studies Program. Please meet with the Seaside Education Director to discuss your plan to become a licensed practitioner and the best option for your preparation and study. If you are transferring from another Center, please reach out to the Education Director to understand how your already completed courses meet the requirements.

Take three of these CSL-required Foundational and Philosophy courses:

Take ONE of these:

  • Foundations of Science of Mind
  • Spiritual Principles and Practices
  • Beyond Words
  • Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life


Take BOTH of these: 

  • Essential Ernest
  • Exploring the Roots of Science of Mind

Take ONE of these Consciousness courses:

  • Revealing Wholeness
  • Practical Mysticism OR Living from the Mountaintop
  • Mental Equivalents
  • Spiritual Principles and Practices


Take ONE of these elective courses:

  • Emma
  • Self-Mastery: Emergence of the True Self
  • This Thing called You
  • 7 Spiritual Laws of Success 
  • Meditation Methods
  • Five Steps to Freedom
  • Power of your Word
  • Meditation is More than You Think
  • Treatment and Meditation


Take ONE Seaside-approved prosperity consciousness course


Education Planning:

For more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss your spiritual development plan in preparation for practitioner studies, please reach out to our Education Director at: education@seasidecenter.org