Join the Seaside Center Spiritual Living Healing the Heart Through Loss and Pain  led by Patrick Fulke and Janice Hope at the Seaside center for Spiritual Living. Bring a love offering.
Register to fulkemeister@aol.com, (619)-417-7161, or at the Sunday Service table. For more info visit: Janicehope.com/healingtheheart
Patrick Fulke-Bio
Patrick Fulke is a teacher with SD City Schools, and a volunteer and past board member at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas, Ca. He has currently finished his first year of practitioner (spiritual counselor) training at Seaside. He is also completing a Grief Educator Certification training course with grief expert, David Kessler. He has helped teach, coach and counsel students, parents, staff, and community members during his 30+ year teaching career. He has a B.A. in psychology, a CA
Teaching Credential, and an M.A. in Education/Teaching. He plans to complete his practitioner training and become a licensed practitioner/spiritual counselor in 2024. He will have his Grief Educator Certificate in June 2023. In addition, he has studied and practiced Buddhism, Meditation, and Yoga.
Three years ago, Patrick went through a “Dark Night of the Soul”, when his girlfriend and soulmate died from a prescription drug overdose. He went from boyfriend, to caregiver, to the ICU to say goodbye, and to her memorial service in the Spring of 2020. This tragedy coincided with the onset of the pandemic. Patrick was lost and alone. Fortunately, he reached out for help. First to his Buddhist therapist, as well as to the
Seaside Center for Spiritual Living. He would also be in contact with a nun from a Buddhist Monastery in Escondido. Patrick would take regular yoga classes with a teacher affiliated with the Self Realization Fellowship of Encinitas. Especially important in Patrick’s healing have been the many grief support groups, classes, and workshops he has attended, facilitated by the author and grief expert, David Kessler.
Patrick is now using all these pathways to healing to help others and give back.