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Practitioners are individuals who have been trained in the art and science of Affirmative Prayer. They are licensed to practice professionally and are bound by a high code of ethics to respect your privacy as they support you in prayer. 

A Licensed Practitioner receives 4 years of training in Spiritual Principles and the practice of  Affirmative Prayer, and is prepared to remember and declare the Spiritual Truth about any condition or circumstance in your life, all the while holding the belief  that, when your desired outcome is released into the Law of Divine Causation, the prayer is acted upon in the present moment to bring the word spoken in prayer into manifestation according to your belief. Practitioners support you in holding space for this desired outcome when your own faith falters and fear or confusion gets in your way. Practitioners are your spiritual companions and accompany you on your journey of growing in faith. Many practitioners teach spiritual principles or practices and offer spiritual coaching on an ongoing basis and ongoing prayer practice to support you in changing your thinking and shifting your life circumstances into a more desirable state of being.