Seaside Sisters

Seaside Sisters is committed to  empowering women to nurture themselves and supporting women as they discover their unique gifts and step into personal power and leadership.

We believe that as we join together in a collective resonance and step into the opportunity to appreciate and honor ourselves, what is generated is a capacity for enhanced health, as well as a wholeness and vitality for ourselves, our environment, and the planet.


Our Core Values are the foundation of all we do:

  1. Joy – Fun, uplifting, happy and joy filled expression; happiness as a core concept.

  2. Service– Out-reach, expressing our gifts/talents in service of the greater good which offers a deep level knowing that you are making a difference.

  3. Love – Feeling the heart connection and compassion in all we do to express our love for women, children, men, animals, mother Earth and all humanity

  4. Spirituality – Spirit first in all things and at the core of all we do.

  5. Feminine Empowerment – Sharing wisdom, inspiration, encouraging others to discover their purpose. Feminine leadership qualities expressed and cultivated

  6. Planetary Sustainability – sustainability and harmony with our earth and humanity

Kalli Holmes Sorensen, winner of the New Thought Walden Award, is the inspirational founder of Seaside Sisters. As a visionary leader, Kalli inspires and supports the Seaside Sisters and all women to explore and manifest the power of the Divine Feminine as advocates for personal growth and planetary sustainability.  

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