Ministerial Training
CSL School of Spiritual Leadership
San Diego Campus at Seaside Center

The School of Spiritual Leadership, San Diego Campus — located at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas, 15 minutes north of San Diego — offers an important and powerful ministerial training program that prepares students to become Licensed Ministers of Centers for Spiritual Living.  We focus on contemporary spiritual leadership models and community engagement practices while standing firm in our Science of Mind teachings and the development of consciousness. We cultivate ministers of all ages who are committed to teaching, healing and practicing in traditional, contemporary, and unique settings. We expect our graduates to flourish in ministry and thrive while doing so. Our commitment is to support you in becoming a 21st century minister in a 21st century ministry, whether in North America or around the world. We are dedicated to you discovering and generating a successful, thriving career in the form of a ministry that emerges from your passion and unique contribution.

The Ministerial Training Program is comprised of courses in Education, Leadership, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion and Science and Spirituality. These courses are taught through a combination of Distance Education courses provided by Holmes Institute and Ministerial Education courses provided by the School of Spiritual Leadership through the San Diego Campus.  The focus is on spiritual growth, intellectual development, skills formation, and practical application — all of which prepare students for ministry within Centers for Spiritual Living and service within the global community.


We are honored to have educated many ministerial graduates who are out in the world successfully leading centers, creating new ministries and serving in high-level leadership capacities for Centers for Spiritual Living. You are welcome and invited to come join our exceptional program! Your experience at the San Diego Campus will be as unique as you are, and your presence will help create the extraordinary experience our students have.

Whichever program you choose, the training is challenging, consciousness-raising, deeply personal, and highly fulfilling!

Masters in Consciousness Studies / Certificate in Spiritual Education 2021-2022
Certificate in Consciousness Studies / Certificate in Spiritual Studies 2021-2022
Certificate in Ministerial Education

Staff of the School of Spiritual Leadership - San Diego Campus

Reverend Christian Sorensen D.D, a past President and Spiritual Leader of the Religious Science organization, is the Director of the San Diego Campus of the School of Spiritual Leadership, located at the dynamic Seaside Center for Spiritual Living.

Reverend Christian has been passionately guiding and mentoring ministerial students for well over 30 years. He became the host and Director when Ernest Holmes’ Los Angeles ministerial campus traveled south through Huntington Beach to San Diego at the turn of the new millennium. Known as a forward thinker, Reverend Christian has always been excited to help lead a new generation of minsters whom he knows will have to learn to reach people in ways beyond in-person on Sundays. As a visionary to the possible and a supporter of emerging new ways, he led the Seaside Campus in pioneering the first technology for distant learning. Reverend Christian was part of the Holmes Institute Board of Trustees that successfully pursued and attained accreditation for the Master’s Degree of Consciousness Studies program. His enthusiasm in collaborative support of Dr. Kathy Hearn and previous Deans over the last two decades has help inspire more than 180 ministerial graduates from the Seaside Campus.

Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn is the Dean of the Centers for Spiritual Living School of Spiritual Leadership – San Diego Campus at Seaside.

Dr. Kathy served as the Community Spiritual Leader of United Centers for Spiritual Living for 10 years and had an important role in the integration of International and United Centers for Spiritual Living. She is an Ordained Minister, and was awarded the Honorary Doctorate and the Doctor of Religious degrees by United Centers for Spiritual Living. She was the Founding Minister of Pacific Church of Religious Science in San Diego and Senior Minister for 15 years. Currently, Dr. Kathy also serves as the Manager of the Centers for Spiritual Living School of Spiritual Leadership. She knows well the personal and collective opportunities and demands of ministry at both the individual center and highest organizational levels, and supports students with this knowledge and experience. It is her great joy to assist students toward their goal of becoming licensed ministers.

Dr Kathy Hearn

Kathy Phelan is Registrar of the School of Spiritual Leadership – Sand Diego Campus.

Kathy Phelan has been assisting students on their ministerial path for 13 years. Her expertise, warmth and professionalism help students feel at home during their ministerial journey. She is a real asset to our program and we are very blessed to have her on our team. 

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Kathy Hearn, Dean



Kathy Phelan, Registrar

760 7535786 ext *816