Meet Our Practitioners

Practitioners are available to pray with you after the services on Sunday in-person and online, and are responsive to prayer requests – which may be submitted in person or in writing at the Center, online via the link on the Prayer and Care page, and by email. 

Licensed Spiritual Practitioners provide prayer and a caring presence during difficult times to members of our spiritual community who seek support. Many are active volunteers or professional counselors and coaches in the larger community outside our doors. Some Seaside Practitioners live remotely serving in an Outreach capacity from as far away as Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, Ohio, Colorado, Oregon and Arizona.   

Some Practitioners are also available for private sessions to support you with prayer, a listening heart, and spiritual guidance. You may contact them directly via the email links listed below. 

We are so blessed by the commitment to sacred service and spiritual practice demonstrated by all of our Seaside Practitioners. We are grateful for the loving presence with which they hold the Light, and continuously offer prayer and caring support to the community.



Diane Allen, RScP

“Peace Belongs to You”. Knowing there’s an Inner Guidance that directs, nurtures, and fills every single person with love, grace, and peace, Diane communicates with your innate well being in her consciousness. 

As a fully dedicated student of metaphysics since young adulthood, Diane brings a calm and secure  presence to all she does. She understands that the Truth of all Life is its Goodness, and that humanity’s spiritual practice is a continual spiral upwards of experiences and growth, perpetually moving closer to one’s highest and best Self. Because of this, Diane continues in her studies and has a rich spiritual practice for her own upward spiral experience.  

This is her passion and priority in life, the healing and peace of humanity, which starts with each individual. 

She has two grown sons, pets, and has lived in San Diego North County for over 30 years. Connect anytime, and together find the full expression of your highest Self. 

Available for Private Sessions

Brian Atkins, RScP - Emeritus

Born in Ridgecrest, CA, Brian says he has always been a self-help junkie. He loves learning and growing, because he feels it helps us make the most of our precious lives. Brian says that his role as a practitioner has been one of the most rewarding experiences of his life. He believes his purpose is to reach out to help others.

In 2002, Brian became a Licensed Practitioner at Seaside. Brian is currently enrolled in Ministerial School at the Holmes Institute School of Consciousness Studies.

Ranked as ATM Silver, Brian enjoys his volunteer work with Toastmasters.  His hobbies include surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and partner dancing. He is also a runner and has run nine Marathons.

Available for Private Sessions

Brian Atkins, RScP



Cathy Bacquet, RScP

To Cathy, born in Dallas, TX, faith is knowing that each day brings a new revelation. With each revelation, she comes closer to the Truth, recognizing her own Divinity, and all the many aspects of God as Cathy. Recognizing these qualities in herself helps her recognize them in others. 

Cathy’s experience with illness and the healing that took place has also made her realize that illness and pain is the path that some people take in order to experience spiritual as well as physical healing. Since illness is the impetus for healing, there is no need for remorse or guilt or despair. We are all divine beings with our own divine paths. Rejoice in our oneness with God and know that the Abundance of the Universe is ours now.

She became a Licensed Practitioner in 2000. 

Marianne Barlow, RScP

Available for Private Sessions



Rev. Rebecca Berry

Rev. Rebecca Berry is an enthusiastic teacher and student of success and holistic principles since first discovering the Science of Mind philosophy in 1986. Since then, she has served as a staff minister in Centers for Spiritual Living and joined Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in 2016.  

She has taught accredited classes for students planning to become licensed practitioners, created, and facilitated numerous workshops on communication, relationships, prosperity, spiritual success, and lectured at mid-week and Sunday services at CSL and New Thought churches. 

A “work in progress” Rebecca has made personal growth a priority and has used the SOM philosophy and the 12 Step Program to heal an alcohol addiction and supports others in doing the same. 

Reverend Rebecca leads our Practitioner program leaders on the Practitioner Core Council.

Available for Private Sessions

Katy Boggio, RScP - Emeritus

Born in Helper, UT and raised in Los Angeles CA, Katie has been on quite the journey, has traveled extensively world-wide and has explored many different paths to spirituality and healing. When her 17-year marriage ended in divorce and caused such extreme emotional pain and she considered suicide. Instead it became another spiritual experience that caused Katie to choose Life. 

Inspired by a wise Medicine Man to find a “teaching of positive thinking,” Katie serendipitously found Rev. Terry Cole Whittaker along with the Reverends Ron and Sandy Scott. She became a Licensed Practitioner in 1988 and served as a professional Licensed Practitioner at the Agape Prayer Ministry. She also worked as paid staff for the World Ministry of Prayer for 25 years until 2008. 

A special interest of Katie’s is as midwife to Monarch Butterflies. 

Available for Private Sessions.



Valerie Carlson, RScP

Valerie is a highly intuitive and gifted healer. Her inner guidance led her to leave the northern woods of Minnesota for Encinitas in 2013.  Since then she has been on the spiritual “fast track,” studying trauma recovery, contemporary shamanism, reflexology, reiki, and intuitive development alongside Science of Mind.

Valerie graduated as a Seaside Practitioner in 2021 and has found her spiritual home here. Integrity and authenticity are her spiritual calling.  She seeks to help others heal their personal traumas through integration of the true self that has become fragmented over time.  She works with others to reveal their innate wholeness, discovering and expressing their unique and authentic self.

Ed Cox, RScP

From a family of “do-it-yourselfers” on a farm in Illinois, he learned to do most anything and everything, became independent, and enjoyed meditative time and being in nature.”Those experiences shaped who I became as an adult.”

On his lifelong path of self-discovery, Ed rediscovered his intuitive side and has taken many psychology and metaphysical classes and became a Licensed Rebirther. Ed enjoys supporting Seaside and its members and strives to be an example of living these principles.

Drawn to Religious Science by Terry Cole Whittaker in the 1970s, Ed became a Licensed Practitioner in 2003 and a Master Practitioner in 2007. 

Ed is married to Dolly Shi and lives in Encinitas, CA. He has a son, a daughter, and a granddaughter.

Available for Private Sessions



Michele DeGaris, RScP

Michele, born and raised in Long Beach, CA, has always been fascinated with the mysteries of Life. Growing up Catholic she has always felt a deep and abiding desire to know God more. 

Since stumbling upon Science of Mind in 2010 she has been able to find answers about Life and God that resonated with her. Michele answered the call to become a spiritual practitioner and has been licensed since 2019.

Her dedication to her personal spiritual work and raising her Consciousness strengthens her Faith. Science of Mind has taught Michele that the Universe is made up of energy that is infinitely intelligent. When we focus on what is positive, that energy divinely guides us. When we practice the art of redirecting our thoughts in a more positive direction, our life flows with more grace and ease. Learning to replace old negative beliefs with new positive beliefs is what it takes to heal and be fully aligned with your Higher Self. 

She is grateful for the kind energy, positive messages and wisdom she has gained at the Center for Spiritual Living. She looks forward to sharing this wisdom and power of affirmative prayer with you.

Michele is a wife, mother to her twin teenagers, two dogs, two cats and a caretaker to her mother. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her family, listening to music, reading, and escaping to the ocean.

Available for Private Sessions

Sharon Rae DeLeon, RScP

Sharon Rae was born in Japan and moved to California when she was 13. Feeling alone and searching for a better way, she found Seaside in 2002 and it has been her guiding light on her transformational journey to living a more authentic life and answering the deep call to service.

As a Practitioner, Sharon has a full time practice at Seaside.

Sharon feels in alignment with her life purpose when she is able to sit with clients in their pain, discomfort, and darkness, holding the light and supporting them as they heal and transform their life situations through the use of Science of Mind principles and the power of prayer.

She lives in Oceanside with her husband, David, and their son, Ramon. Sharon says that recently becoming a mother has been her greatest call to service.

Available for Private Sessions



Lori Gertz, RScP

Lori is a bit of a modern day alchemist with her bright smile, her endless optimism and her knowingness of the Spiritual Truth in every conversation and activity. She is especially committed to serving congregants in transition with uncompromising compassion, love and gentle kindness.

Lori was born in Massachusetts and came to find Seaside Center as her Spiritual Home in 2011 after moving to Encinitas by way of NYC & Chicago. 

In her time at Seaside, she has served as Treasurer and VP of Seaside’s Board of Directors, Event Marketer and as Editor and Writing coach for Reverend Christian.

She is well schooled in the subjects of Special Needs, LGBTQ  and finding one’s Dharma. 

Watching her children become powerful resilient expressions in the world, brings her great joy as they enter young adulthood. She is a huge dog lover and devotes much time to philanthropic efforts in animal welfare.

Available for Private Sessions

Tim Griffen, RScP

Tim was born in Stockton, CA. His mom raised him with an open mind to choose a religion when he was ready. She also encouraged him to embrace the arts, including drawing and music at which he excelled.

In 2007, Tim was introduced to Seaside. In 2010, he became a Licensed Practitioner at Seaside and began his continuing studies with Rev. Dr. Christian Sorensen and Rev. Dr. Alice Bandy. At Seaside Tim found a spiritual home and his Soul Mate, Denise Harmon.

Currently, Tim is moving into a new ministry that he has developed over that past 12 years. It will express Science of Mind principles using sacred geometry, the underlying geometric patterns of energy that nature uses to construct all forms, as a search for Truth.

Tim has one son, Tim, Jr. and two grandsons.

Available for Private Sessions

Carolyn Holder, RScP

It is Carolyn’s joy to share transformational tools of healing in practical and effective ways to practice the “Presence” while demonstrating the abundance of God inherent in each of us. It is also her passion to dance, and through hula she shares the Aloha Spirit as an ambassador of unconditional love. 

A native Californian who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, she discovered Religious Science through classes with Terry Cole Whittaker. Carolyn became a Licensed Practitioner in 2003 and a Master Practitioner in 2007.

Carolyn and her husband Ray, also a Licensed Practitioner, live in Encinitas and each have a son and daughter. Together they have four granddaughters and one grandson.

Available for Private Sessions






Ray Holder, RScP

Growing-up in Southern California, Ray’s quest for personal growth eventually led him to the study of SOM, Lifespring’s self discovery classes, and over ten years of practice of Transcendental Meditation.

Ray brings both caring and understanding to his practitioner practice. Years of life experiences and taking advanced Practitioner classes have broadened his awareness of Spirit expressing in his life.

Through service to friends, family, and the Seaside community, Ray is grateful for the fulfillment that serving brings to him. He continues to support all who are seeking a deeper connection with the God within and is available for prayer and spiritual counseling.

Ray became a Licensed Practitioner in 2003 and a Master Practitioner in 2007.

He is married to Carolyn, also a Master Practitioner and lives near the beach in Encinitas, CA. They celebrate their blended families and the joy of grand-parenting.

Available for Private Sessions


Available for Private Sessions

Stephanie Karlovits, RScP

Stephanie Karlovits is a mystic, poet, academic, licensed Science of Mind practitioner,
consciousness teacher and certified trauma release facilitator. She is currently pursuing
Ministerial school through the Centers for Spiritual Living. Stephanie has dedicated her life to helping others connect with their authentic, full selves and live boldly. Her journey has taken her from founding and operating a brick-and-mortar functional training and holistic health facility called EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle in Ottawa, Canada for 10 years to pursuing a Master's Degree in Consciousness and
living in a van in California, close to the ocean, mountains, and sun.

Through her work, she helps people release trauma from their subconscious minds,
align with the beloved within and live in a sacred state of mind.

Stephanie is intimate with many spiritual traditions including Buddhism, Hinduism,
Sufism and Catholicism. She helps people build spiritual practices and rituals that build
presence, peace and unity within.

Bob Mathes, RScP




Penny Miller, RScP - Emeritus

Penny is a person of high consciousness and deep understanding with years of practice and a lifetime of experience in affirmative prayer that produces results. She is trained to uncover past beliefs that are lodged deep in the subconscious, oppose healing, and are stronger than one’s conscious desire to change one’s circumstances. In her sessions, she listens for long established patterns of thinking. Once the core belief is identified, she will then assist you in revealing a higher Truth about yourself. Through prayer, she sets in motion the change you desire.

Penny practices professionally and is bound by a high code of ethics to respect your confidentiality.

 Available for Private Sessions

Dennis Mills, RScP - Emeritus

Dennis came to Seaside in 1992 during a time of personal turmoil and found a supportive, loving community that shared his joy and grief.

Dennis took the Foundations class and chose to skydive for his final project. He says “I jumped into a fabulous future with no idea what was coming. Going on faith, supported by SOM principles and my Seaside family, I was on my way without looking back.” Dennis became a Practitioner in 1998, Master Practitioner in 2003, and an Emeritus in 2020.

Dennis has taught accredited classes including Troward, and Practitioner Studies I, and led several Sacred Circles. He served on the Seaside Board of Trustees for four years.

Dennis knows the Truth and sees joy in life. His mission is to share the principles of S.O.M. and work with others so they can do the same.

Dennis married the love of his life, Ginny, and has four children, Robert, Dale, Charlotte, and Derrick.

Dennis lovingly serves as a Master Practitioner praying with others creating peace and harmony. He is always open to new opportunities to serve.

Ginny Mills, RScP - Emeritus

Ginny came to Seaside in 1992, ready to embrace the philosophy and way of life of Science of Mind.

The Foundations class that Ginny took became her spiritual springboard. She became a Practitioner in 1999, a Master Practitioner in 2003, and an Emeritus practitioner in 2020.

Ginny has taught many classes including Practitioner Studies II and led Sacred Circles and workshops at Seaside. She is a founding member of the Seaside Practitioner Core and was its leader for a few terms.

Ginny’s passion is for us to embrace our oneness in Spirit. She is called to assist us in knowing our perfection, trusting the creative process, owning our power, and embracing only that which serves.

Ginny is married and lives in Temecula with Dennis who is  “the most loving and amazing person I know.” They have three sons and two daughters.

Ginny is dedicated to service at Seaside and says, “Service itself is a reward and the fulfillment coming from it is a healing.”

Robin Mitchell



Kathy Nelson, Ermeritus

Leave of Absence

Rosemarie Ramirez, RScP

Rosemarie Ramirez believes life is an exciting adventure with endless possibilities.  She has always followed the directive to “grow where planted.”

Born in Guatemala, she also lived in Honduras before coming the United States at the age of 12.  Raised Catholic, Rosemarie began her quest for a new spiritual interest in her early 20’s.  Once she discovered Science of Mind, she knew she had found what she was looking for, something she could relate to and believe in. It was a new way of life that was practical and non-judgmental. She was inspired by Ernest Holmes philosophy of being “Open at the Top” which  gave room for creativity, new ideas and new discoveries. Rosemarie became a Practitioner in 2019.

Rosemarie shares SOM Principles with her family, friends and clients, with the goal of confronting and resolving challenges. Her ultimate goal is to bring greater peace, abundance, health, and harmony to the individual and the world.

She is eagerly accepting new practitioner clients both in English and Spanish, in person, by phone or online.

Rosemarie lives with her husband, has two daughters and 6 grandchildren. She loves to learn, pray, play, travel, dance, exercise, watercolor and spending time with family, friends, and especially with her grandchildren.

Available for Private Sessions

Ellen Rice, RScP - Emeritus

Leave of Absence

Maggie Rintala

Maggie Rintala has been a practitioner since 2021.

Maggie’s favorite principle to practice is Freedom, and she takes Powerful Action to move herself and others toward Freedom!

Maggie has been a professional dancer, award-winning speaker, national and international coach of coaches, and personal trainer for professional athletes, millionaires, eighth-graders and grandmas. She has transformed the lives of 1000s of people all over the world with her ideas about Radical Authentic Fitness.

Maggie teaches her clients to take action body, mind and soul toward the life they choose. 

Deb Sadler, RScP (PCC)

Deb Sadler became a practitioner in 2015. She first came to Seaside in 2010 when she brought her sister for a taste of spiritual nourishment. She has been attending Sunday services ever since.

Deb was the Education Director at Seaside following her retirement from teaching English at Crawford High School in City Heights, San Diego, where she was Teacher of the Year, her final year. She also taught Prac I and Prac II for the first four years following her retirement. She loves to teach the principles of Science of Mind and practice them in her life. She enjoys praying with others as a way to create more peace on Earth, right here and right now.

She bought her first copy of You Can Heal Your Life, in 1984. 

Available for Private Sessions

Kay Samuelson, RScP

Kay Samuelson grew up in Newport Beach, CA, practicing Eastern/Western spirituality through the Self Realization Fellowship. Accepting the guidance of Spirit, Kay began classes at Seaside and in 2004 became a Licensed Practitioner. Anchoring a consciousness of Spiritual leadership, Kay is now a Master Practitioner.

Through the art of Spiritual Mind Treatment and spiritual solutions, Kay offers sanctuary for the soul that is seeking reassurance of his or her wholeness. The profound power of being deeply seen and understood creates a portal of possibility for deep healing and transformation of the body, mind and soul. She believes the heart responds to the warmth of love, recognizing that love is the fulfillment of the law of Good (God) in everyone. The most precious understanding Kay holds in her heart is that we are all One, One heart, One mind, One soul. The unity of all life flows through a field of consciousness.

She has raised two beautiful girls and has two grandchildren.

Available for Private Sessions

Dee Seidel, RScP (PCC)

Dee’s “Purpose” is to serve and help guide others to find their way to connect with their inner gifts and their own Divinity, through heart-felt communication and connections.  As a child, she was raised in the conservative, Congregational church and eventually felt there was more to explore, experience and embrace. Her path led her to Eric Butterworth’s Unity Church New York City in 2000.

While she attended several churches in CA after moving here from the East Coast, she finally settled in Encinitas, where she discovered Seaside with this energetic, powerful Spiritual Leader, Rev. Christian. 

One of her passions is the broadcast ministry, so don’t be surprised if you find her behind one of the video cameras supporting the Sunday livestream of our Celebration Sundays! 

Through the wisdom and understanding gained from the expansion of her consciousness she began focusing on courses to become a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner. She graduated in July 2020. 

Dee’s passions include life-long learning, travel, listening to and watching Smooth Jazz concerts, television broadcasting and watching spectator sports!

Available for Private Sessions

Trudy Seifke, RScP

Trudy M. Seifke is celebrating 25 years as a CSL Practitioner—and 23 years of marriage to her college sweetheart, Janine. Both are licensed Marriage & Family Therapists, as well as Interfaith Spiritual Counselors in their community.

Trudy received her MA in psychology from Chapman University. Trudy attended the Huntington Beach Church of Religious Science beginning in 1998, and discovered a Spiritual place where LGBTQ+ people were accepted. Trudy said, “I was ecstatic to meet all types of people in this new community, who share a common foundation of Love, Respect & Personal Dreams.

They moved to San Diego in 2001. It was then Trudy heard a guest speaker by the name of Rev. Christian Sorensen. She enjoyed his personality and the way in which he taught sometimes complex subjects with heart and simplicity. Soon after, she joined Seaside Center. “For the last 2 years, I am experiencing my dream job! I am a therapist in various Middle Schools. These young adults are looking for support, clarity & a deeper discovery of themselves.” Though it’s important to seek balance out and connect with adults as well! As such, Trudy enjoys serving as a Practitioner supporting others in private sessions: “Each one of us could use Spiritual support.”



Candace Young-Schult, RScP - Emeritus

Leave of Absence

Seaside Outreach Practitioners

Outreach Practioners are licensed by Seaside and live in remote areas. They mayserve the Seaside community by offering individual sessions and prayer support via phone or Zoom, supporting online education classes and providing tech support for Zoom events and meetings. some offer online workshops, Sacred Circles, book study groups, or meditation and other spiritual practice opportunities.  Some Outreach Practitioners have a thriving local practice and offer classes, retreats, and other events in their community or wherever they are.  



Sara Awad, RScP

Born and raised in San Diego, Sara currently resides in Columbus, OH. She is passionate about teaching Science of Mind principles through literature and is a regular contributor to Science of Mind Magazine. Her interests include travel, social justice, spending time in nature and writing fiction. She is currently writing her first novel and hopes to publish it someday soon.

Sara received her practitioner training in the online program, taught by Seaside’s own Linda Watson, Practitioner Emeritus and Dr. Christina Tillotson, Distance Learning Dean. She has recently been accepted to ministerial school! 

She has three daughters, Anisah, Zainab and Amirah.

Sara’s vision for her role at Seaside: To support our thriving community and serve as a catalyst for the transformation and growth of others through spiritual practice, sacred service, meaningful social engagement and creation of conscious literature.

Available for Private Sessions

Christine Ellwein

Pamela Hower, RScP - Emeritus

Pamela Hower, a native San Diegan, is currently living in Tulsa, OK. Pamela has always felt a connection to what she calls her “forever friend” God. Even as a small child she knew that she came into this world with God and that she will leave this world with God. It has always filled her heart and soul with a peaceful sense of trusting life and never feeling alone.

Pamela became a Licensed Practitioner in 1994. She holds her practitioner work as sacred using spiritual tools and truth principles. Her mission is to deeply connect people back to their own divine authority and innate wisdom as they consecrate their personal relationship with their maker and tap into the power of this universe that is here to support all of us.

Witnessing the many joys and milestones of Seaside and being touched by countless hands and hearts of the Seaside family has made Pamela’s life rich. She is deeply drawn to nature and animals, and has never met an animal she didn’t like. Her first real job was working at a zoo. 

Pamela continues to work via telephone with practitioner clients around the US.

Available for Private Sessions



Esther Jones, RScP - Emeritus

Alexandra Musser (PCC)

Alexandra Musser is an author, public speaker, and a spiritual mentor.

As a licensed outreach practitioner, prayer chaplain at Unity of the White Mountains in Pinetop, Arizona, and Science of Mind ministerial student, she believes in the power of affirmative prayer as that creative force of Spirit revealing itself in its perfect form through all humanity and the world.

She teaches Science of Mind principles both live and virtually from San Carlos, Mexico, is the founder of Spirit Sunday in San Carlos, and leads a Sunday outreach for inspirational talks and meditation. She is a grateful member of the Seaside Practitioner Core Council.

Currently, she is writing a 90-day workbook to accompany her workshop, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life in 90 days.

Suzanne Ward, RScP

Suzanne, a Colorado native, is an outreach practitioner, residing in a small town in the Colorado Rockies.  

It was on a walk in the beautiful Colorado mountains in 2009 that she met a man who asked her if she knew about Religious Science. Curious, she read “Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes four times, then began classes online in 2015 and completed in 2019. 

Suzanne finds the principles of Earth Literacy to be congruent with Spiritual Principles.  Her intentions now are to combine the ideas of the sustainability of Earth with Spiritual Truths. She is looking forward to doing this through her private and public practice.

Suzanne has a degree in Psychology, a teaching certificate and a Masters Degree in Education.

Suzanne has been married to David for 48 years and they have three children and a grandson.

Available for Private Sessions


Linda Watson, RScP - Emeritus

Linda is a Practitioner Emeritus, inspirational speaker, and yoga instructor, working at the intersection of spirituality and wellness. Her ‘Ministry of Presence’ is a refuge for those seeking sacred healing experiences and greater fulfillment in their lives.

As a professional educator, Linda shares her expertise as an esteemed faculty member of the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) Virtual Education Program, with a focus on Practitioner Training. Her professional contributions were recognized with the UCSL Jackie Sorensen Professional Practitioner Award (2009)and with the CSL 2012 Practitioner Meritorious Award (2012).

As a founding member of the Agape International Spiritual Center, Linda shares resources for cultivating dynamic, successful spiritual communities. Personally trained and mentored in deep transformational practices and wisdom by acclaimed visionaries, Dr. Michael Beckwith & Dr. Jean Houston, their teachings are intricately woven into her practices and presentations. Linda earned degrees in English and French, with post-degree studies in Educational Psychology, and completed coursework for a Master’s degree in Transformational Leadership Training.