Rev Christian Sorensen D.D.

Prayers by Rev. Christian

Prayer is one of the most powerful tools we can use to transform our lives.

If you need prayer for a particular human condition or personal or family situation, we invite you to read aloud one of these prayers from Rev. Christian to support you in remembering the Spiritual Truth and re-aligning yourself with a higher perspective on life’s twists and turns. Prayer helps us maintain a “Mountaintop perspective” – one of higher wisdom, knowing your inner authority as a spiritual being, and reclaiming the power within you.

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For Health/Wholeness

For Self-Assurance

For the Pandemic

For Prosperity

For Proper Perception

For Faith

For Peace

For Trust

For Feeling God's Love

For Passion

For Spiritual Quest

For Transition

For Our Planet

Peace Prayer for Waring Times

For Our Country