Spiritual education for children at Seaside Center

Spiritual Practices aren’t just for adults

Children come naturally to many of the time-honored ways that people use to get closer to the sacred; to family, friends, and community; and to the world around them. They can teach adults about being present, enthusiasm, imagination, play, and wonder—to name just a few. Here are some ideas for how parents and other adults can encourage children’s spirituality.

Seaside Kids lovingly supports, empowers and celebrates children and their families. We are dedicated to educating children in the principles of the Science of Mind, and we are committed to fostering the experience of inclusivity, fellowship and service. We honor each child’s individual expression of Spirit throughout their lives.


Sundays at Seaside for children

A dedicated team plans and facilitates fun, age-appropriate curriculum and activities for your children each week. From the time you sign them in, we  engage and inspire each child and demonstrate the principles of Science of Mind through activities, music, and creative expression.

We start the morning with Circle Time opened with prayer by a Licensed Seaside  Practitioner. We then encourage children to express gratitude for something in their world. Once circle time concludes, the children move on to activities to highlight the theme for the week, which is based on one of the spiritual principles and practices we teach – love, peace, oneness, creativity, community, care for each other and the Earth.

At the end of our time together, we team up to clean up.  Together, we head to the sanctuary to join the congregation for the closing prayer and song, and rejoin our families at the end of the service.

We’d like to welcome everyone back to our fun, wonderful morning programs, and celebrate our new Youth and Family Ministry Director, Chelsea!

She welcomes all children preschool to 6th grade for our 9AM service, and children, tweens, and teens of all ages for our 11AM service.