Our Weekly Services

Experience the joy and community spirit at Seaside’s Sunday and Wednesday Services. you can join us in-person on Sunday, or watch the service live-streamed to your living room. On Wednesday evenings, a more intimate service is offered over Zoom. 

Sunday Service 6.06.2021

Rev. Christian Sorensen, D.D.

Join us at 9am in-person and at 11 am you can join us  in-person or via  Livestream,  Facebook or YouTube for an inspiring talk, great music, and enjoy heart-centered community connection.

Wednesday Service 6.09.2021

Rev. Rebecca Berry

On Wednesday at 7pm, click here to join us on Zoom for an intimate connection to Spirit and spiritual  community. (Please don’t click before!)

Get Involved

We invite you to connect with  community through Seaside’s array of events, classes and workshops, and to participate in the interest groups that interest you. We have both live and live-streamed connection opportunities to meet you wherever you are!

Click on the image above to find out more and sign up for your Paver!

Let’s get together and get things going for our Littles, Middles and Teens!

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