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Getting to Seaside and Contacting us

Where are you? Our address and contact info are at the bottom of every page on this website

What time are your services on Sundays? 9am and 11 am Pacific Time

How can I contact Seaside Center staff, ministers and Board members?

Tell me about your campus and renting space at Seaside

Who we are/What we do

I want to know more about Seaside’s history and beliefs

Where can I find prayer or spiritual support?

Supporting Seaside

Tell me about donations and tithing?

Where can I find out about Volunteering and Sacred Service at Seaside Center?

Watch or Listen

How can I watch services online on Sunday or Wednesday? 


Where can I find prayers and podcasts by Rev. Christian?

Find us on Social Media

How can I follow Seaside on social media?

Connect with community

How can I connect with people interested in the same things I love to do?

Find a Connection Group and thrive with your tribe.