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We are a Centers for Spiritual Living community practicing the spiritual principles and practices of Religious Science or Science of Mind as described by Ernest Holmes, our founder and the author of The Science of Mind and Spirit. Science of Mind is a philosophy, a faith and a way of life – it is not a religion or a denomination. Our teaching and principles are based on  ancient wisdom and new ideas about the true nature of humankind as individualized expressions of the Divine made manifest on Earth. This truth has been known across many cultures and religions throughout human history and, along with new understanding of the quantum field of consciousness, is the basis for our understanding of the connection between  science, philosophy, and religion. We view different religious experiences as a source of wisdom for revealing the Truth about the mystical and metaphysical nature of the forces that shape our universe. We welcome people from all paths into this exploration of our spiritual nature as spiritual beings having a human experience. You are invited to visit our bookstore, Catch the Spirit after services on Sundays to pick up a copy of The Science of Mind or our monthly magazine, Science of Mind: Guide for Spiritual Living

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Our Basic Beliefs are defined by a set of Spiritual Principles and Practices.

The principles we hold sacred are Oneness, Creation, the Three-fold Nature of God, Love, Heaven, and Eternal Life. We practice these principles through Affirmative Prayer, practicing the Presence,  sacred service, Direct Revelation, among other practices. On the first Sunday of every month, we offer a short session after the 11am service, to introduce our Basic Beliefs and answer any questions newcomers may have to support your understanding of what we stand for and how we practice our values individually and as a community. We invite you to join us at Seaside for the next session of Basic Beliefs. Basic Beliefs occurs the first Sunday of each month at 12:30 PM.