Our Staff

Our staff keeps the lights on for you – they are the heart & soul of this organization and do so many little things behind the scenes bringing their creativity, enthusiasm, commitment and love to support Seaside to thrive as a spiritual community expressing their joy and love for our members and supporting the ministry team, programs, classes, connection groups and everyone attending our services and events whether in-person and online. Click on the buttons below to meet the wonderful people who serve Seaside and make it go!

Assistant to the Ministers, Facility Rentals & Weddings

Linda Amorsen

Email: lamorsen@seasidecenter.org

Phone: (760) 753-5786 *813

Finance, Data, Auto-Tithe Assistant

Beckie Celikel

Email: bcelikel@seasidecenter.org

Phone: (760) 753-5786 *827

Office Assistant

Rosemary Watson

Email: office@seasidecenter.org

Phone: (760) 753-5786 *24

Please contact
 Reverend Debbie McDonnell

Email: revdebbie@seasidecenter.org

Phone: (760) 753-5786 *22


Ed Cox, RScP

Email: ecox@seasidecenter.org.com

Phone: (760) 753-5786 *25

Registrar, School of Spiritual Leadership

Kathy Phelan

Email: holmesinstitute@seasidecenter.org

Phone: (760) 753-5786 *816

Our Artistic and Technical Production Team

Artistic Director and 2020 San Diego Artist of the Year

Rebecca Jade

Email: rebecca.jade.ent@gmail.com


Phone: (619) 987-1906

Band Leader – Sax and Flute

Bob Mathes, RScP

Phone: (760) 967-7115


Max Zape

Phone: (619) 987-5237


Harley Magsino

Phone: (619) 517 1989


Gerry Reba

Phone: (760) 753-5786 *827


Paul Kimbarow

Phone: (760) 632-5485

Livestream Team

Steve Grant

Livestream Team

Tom Scoullar, RScP

Livestream Team

Patrick Fulke

Audio and Sound Mixing

Ed Reeves

Audio and Sound Mixing

Matthew Burgher


Marv Goldsmith


Video and Camera

Tim Griffen, RScP

Video and Camera

Edwin Robinson

Video and Camera

Dee Seidel